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What is the difference between "Initials" & a "Monogram"? Initials are are a straight series of the first letter of each name (example JMS - John Michael Smith). A Monogram uses the same initials with the emphasis on the Last Name. The Last Name initial is placed in the center larger than the First and Middle initial on the right and left sides (example JSM - John Michael Smith)

Monogram Variations: Below are some different monogram combinations

Traditional - First, LAST, Middle; MRJ (Mary Jane Roberts)

Married Women - First, LAST, Maiden; MSR (Mary Jane Roberts Smith)

Married Couple - Wife, LAST, Husband; MSJ (John & Mary Smith)

Why are no Last Names offered on Baby Items? Last names are traditionally not used on baby items, as the focus is normally on the new given name (example - Mary Jane). Mom and Dad put lots of time and thought into a baby's new name and that should be the focus.

Can I choose a Name longer than 11 letters? Many of the items are restricted to 11 letter names do to size constraints of the design area. We CAN accommodate longer names, but the size of the font may be smaller, or certain fonts may not be available. If you would like to choose a name longer than 11 letters, then it must be cleared by an Expressive Stitches Representative.

Should I put "0"(zeros) in the Date? At Expressive Stitches we go with the philosophy that zeros should only be used for the year in the date. This gives the date a cleaner, less computer generated look. (example 9-6-07 {not 09-06-07} for September 6, 2007)

Exactly what shade of color am I choosing for the Font? We do not offer a sample card of different embroidery threads for choosing the "Font Color" since we cater the color chosen to the specific product and/or Icon design on an item (making each item completely custom). We have several different shades of specific colors that are used according to what we know works best (after much trial and error). For example one shade of blue may look great on a specific blanket, but that same shade will clash when used on a layette set. When Expressive Stitches offers a font color for an item, you can be sure that the absolute best shade/tone of that color will be used for the specific product and/or icon being ordered.

Why aren't Names, Initials & Monograms offered on all items, along with ALL font styles & icons? Expressive Stitches has offered as many choices as possible on each product based on embroidery size limitations, product material, and the overall ascetics of the item. As we have developed our product line we have carefully considered the choices we make available to each item.

What is that shiny film inside some small embroidery areas? A non-toxic soluble embroidery topping is sometimes used to enhance the stitch quality. Any remaining material will completely dissolve upon the 1st washing.

How should I care for my personalized item? All items should be cared for by the original manufacture's sewn in tag. Baby blankets and clothing should always be washed in baby safe detergent before use, as with all baby items. Bleach is not recommended for any embroidered products.

When will I get my Order? In most cases stock item orders are ready in 3-5 business days depending on the time of year and product volume. If you choose to have your item shipped to you or your recipient, add another 2-5 days.

Frequently Ask Questions

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